After a very long day



  1. what more could a man ask for

  2. gotta love the fireplace. eventually I will figure out how to put something similar in the camper.

  3. So if Batman is a creature of the night time world and Tony Stark (AKA Iron man) is an iron clad bad ass who scores tons of tail... Justin Credible is... wait for it... Iron Balls Batman!!!

    And the Mike drops...

  4. Hey buddy I had a thought... I know you are a Star Trek fan as an I, and I don't remember you naming your current RV/home... what about naming it Enterprise? Kind of a tribute to the sad paying of Anton Yelchin? The cab could be the bridge and so forth. As always my friend keep up the great videos, they inspire me and KORITFW! :)

  5. hey Justin. any chance you could do a video with more detail about your interior wall build? I'm curious to know how you designed your sliding door and what you built it out of. how thick is the wall/door and did you insulate it? cheers. KORIFW


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