Chilliwack Walmart full house



  1. Hi Justin. I have been following your you tube channel for a while now and while I have no intention of selling my stuff and moving into a RV, I just purchased a '98 21' Gulf Stream Conquest with extremely low miles. I have been looking for nearly six months for a decent small Class C and you are right on the money about the smaller ones being hard to find and more expensive.

    I basically spent all my cash on it, so I have to wait a couple of weeks before I can get out of here. I plan to spend the next six months (or more) traveling and seeing as much of North America as I can. I doubt if I'll get up to Canada this year as I was just there a couple of years ago and I have a lot of other places I to see before I go back.

    If I do get up there I'll give you a shout and buy you a few beers.



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