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My WalMart neighbour

Yeah...I am actually at a WalMart tonight. Just one other urban camper here right now, a small 20' Dodge Class C. I see him/her parked all around this area all the time.

This is only the second time in years that I've ever camped at a WalMart. More out of laziness...I just did some shopping and don't feel like moving. Good night!


  1. I have used Walmart all over North American while travelling in my Class B. Convenient place to stop and do some shopping and have never had any problems.

  2. Hmm, why not stay there all the time? They allow it, no? Or is it 1 night then... get out!

    1. The whole point of this lifestyle is to not stay in one place. I wouldn't want to be in a parking lot at WalMart very long lol.


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